Production, Editing, Distribution

A Sister Company to Fanward, Inc.


Olivia J Studios LLC was formed as the production and distribution sister company of Fanward, Inc – The Vlog Network.

Olivia J Studios LLC is an independent company owned by David & Olivia Blair. Olivia J Studios LLC primarily works with the artists that have signed with Fanward to conceptualize, produce, edit, and distribute their content for Fanward.

Olivia J Studios LLC does contractual work for individuals and companies to produce and/or edit and/or distribute their content. Olivia J Studios LLC doesn’t own any rights to any of the content produced, edited, or distributed. Those IP rights belong solely to the Individual(s) or Company(s) that commissioned the work.


Olivia J Studios LLC and Fanward, Inc. are solely and/or majority owned by David & Olivia Blair.


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